Success Stories

For some heart-warming stories about how our clients have successfully navigated our programs, please read some of our Success Stories here!

Kate achieved her goal of opening her own bakery

Kate had worked at a successful bakery in New Minas for years but that bakery closed and she was left considering her options – which ...
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Wolfville Farmers Market & the Edge Program

The Wolfville Farmers Market has a wonderful story of community, giving small businesses an opportunity to set up shop and sell valley grown and produced ...
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It’s a great program and much of the skills are transferrable to many different workplaces, such as efficiency and timeliness, First Aid and Safety!
Back to Work Participant
It was the perfect opportunity for us to have a supported employee to help us, as well as our desire to continue to give to the community by being a part of a young person’s journey.
Kelly Marie
Wolfville Farmers Market
These programs helped me to get gainful employment, training in different things and to build confidence. Never give up and keep following your dreams…if it wasn’t for Community Inc and Nova Scotia Works I wouldn’t be anywhere…you’ve all been a huge help to me in life and employment.
Kristin K.
Happy Employee Success Story
Amanda achieved her goal of becoming a medical office assistant. What services from NS Works helped her get there? Help with education funding, career counselling, resume and job search support, interview prep, and lots of encouragement!! "I learned so much and they helped me believe in myself."
Happy Employee Success Story
I was a participant in the Spotlight On Employment program. The instructors helped me with my confidence and anxiety issues and really pushed me to stay focused. They made initial contacts and helped with resumes and references which enabled me to get a job and be employed for over 2 years now. It was my first real job that I was able to stick with and that was all thanks to the Spotlight on Employment program and the staff at Community Inc. It was a lot of fun…I had so much fun I didn’t realize that I was also working on improving my life at the same time…...I really enjoyed myself…..I loved it so much I actually wanted to go back often while I was working just to visit and hang out….the staff believed in me, pushed me , helped me learn and move forward…. They gave me guidance and really let me learn from their experiences and helped me to apply that to my own path.
Leah H.
Happy Employee Success Story
Never give up and keep following their dreams…if it wasn’t for Community INC / Nova Scotia Works I wouldn’t be anywhere…you’ve all been a huge help to me in life and employment.
Program Participant
We have been very fortunate to have some successful colleagues join us through NS Works, the process of hiring a colleague has been very rewarding for all involved. Everybody deserves a chance and are treated equal. The support from NS Works has been nothing short of amazing. We are so lucky to be a part of this partnership and we are looking forward to a bright future together. We are the winners with this program.
Atlantic Superstore, Kingston
As an owner/operator of my business, the SEB program gave me valuable information and access to programs and training that gave me knowledge, information and confidence. It's a great program... you get out what you put in. They can help you a lot and you can get a lot of useful information.
Robert C.
Happy Employee Success Story
I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for Nova Scotia Works. Prior to learning about their services, job hunting was never a success story for me. I've been unemployed for a few years due to childbirth, and have been room and boarding with my son since 2019, making apartment hunting while jobless an impossibility. I reached out to a member on your team (Shawn Fletcher) and he helped me with my job search, whether that be scoping out potential jobs in my work field, mailing me more resumes, or asking to see how my job hunt is coming along! In my opinion, Shawn went above and beyond with his help, and I am very grateful to have met him! With his help and guidance, I was able to secure employment in a field of work I enjoy as part time, and in the new year, I will have full time employment at my place of work! I am also currently searching the market for my first home! I'm forever thankful for Nova Scotia Works for the many resources, constant motivation, and their continuous help they provided me on my search for employment.
Jenna L.
Happy Employee Success Story
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