EDGE Program for Job Seekers

We invite you on a path to career self-discovery.

  • Explore your interests.
  • Build employment skills.
  • Develop a plan to begin working.
  • Access the support you need to put your plan into action!

Choose your adventure.

Sign up for a one-on-one track OR join one of our eleven-week group programs. 

Edge was created FOR youth, BY youth. We aim to inspire clients to:

  • Take the lead
  • Challenge yourself
  • Learn
  • Set goals
  • Build great relationships
  • Have lots of fun along the way!

Your second home in Kentville.

We provide youth outreach, mental wellness support, hands-on employment skill building, and job seeking guidance.

The coffee is always on, and the fridge and cupboards are stocked.

Diptych painting hanging on wall of Edge office in Kentville. Painting shows green hills with a river in the centre, and several walkers and hikers on paths throughout the image.

Success Stories

“Edge allowed me to reconnect with the part of myself I’ve been missing. It might feel scary in the moment to say yes, not knowing what you’re walking into, but I’m so thankful for this opportunity. If you’re debating it, just do it!”
Season 12
“There were people in my life who told me I’d never be able to find a job, but I proved them wrong. Edge helped build my confidence and now I’m working in a job I love.”
Season 12
“When I first heard about EDGE, I wasn’t sure it would be a good fit for what I was looking for career-wise. But I went for it anyway and it was the best addition to my daily life in a long time. The atmosphere at EDGE is very welcoming and accepting of everyone. The staff does most activities and learning in a really fun and enjoyable way, and they make it very easy to feel like you belong at the space. There is a lot fun outside stuff to do and it is really motivating.”
Season 14, Budding Electrician
“Before I started Edge, I expected a very serious school environment, but it turned out to be very chill, while still keeping a focus on self improvement and employment. If you’re considering Edge, you should know it's worth every moment. You’ll learn a lot of useful things, but the best thing, I think, are the people. They are all amazing. Now that I've nearly completed the group program, I have more confidence in my skills and self. I am looking forward to getting back into the work force.”
Season 16, Marine Biology Enthusiast


At Edge, we work as a team to support you on your road to employment success.


Leta Lowthers, Job Success Coordinator

Team photo of Tess Etienne

Tess Etienne, Mental Wellness Coordinator

Team photo of Michele LaPointe

Michele LaPointe, Learning Facilitator for Edge at Portal

We can't wait to meet you.

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