Board of Directors 2023

Do you have a few hours a month to spare? Do you believe that our communities / workplaces should be inclusive and supportive and that everyone that wishes to be active members of our community should have the right to do so? If so then please contact our office or email to find out more information. We recruit members to sit on our board of directors for a minimum of one year.

Community Inc’s current board members are:

James Roy, Chair

“Meaningful employment for persons with disabilities and inclusive communities says it all.”

Kevin Wheaton, Vice Chair

“I was drawn to being on the board for the opportunity to work with a good group of people helping people in the local community to participate fully in their community, especially in the area of employment.”

Lianna Jacquard, Treasurer

“I was drawn to the Community INC board to get involved with an organization of great people who give back to the community. The organization truly has a meaningful impact on people lives in ways that go beyond finding employment.”

Beth Caldwell, Secretary

“I have volunteered on a number of community, provincial, and National Boards over the years ranging from Scouting, Guiding, Soccer, Hospital Auxiliary, Hospital Board, Church Finance, local Food Bank to Regional Development. Most recently, I served as Chair of Avon Region Community Development and saw the wisdom in ARCDA aligning with Community Inc.  and especially the benefits for our whole Valley region.”

Sheila Richardson, Director

“In 1999, I was attacked and went on disability. When I felt better, I went to Community Inc. for help to find employment. I used to be a teacher, a counsellor, an adult educator and a mediator. The case manager, Mary, helped me. I was over qualified for most jobs, since I had obtained a Masters in Education from Dalhousie University in 1994. 

“Last year, I noticed an advert in the Valley Advertiser for Board members for Community Inc. I thought, ‘I could do that.’ I recommend Community Inc. for anyone looking for help to find employment. Mary was most helpful.”

Ashley Armstrong (she/her), Director

“When reflecting on my life, there is a clear ‘Part One’ and ‘Part Two’—my life before becoming a client of Community INC., and my life after becoming a client of Community INC. Walking through the doors of Nova Scotia Works completely changed the trajectory of my life, and I will forever be grateful for their services. They helped me acquire the tools needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Those tools gave me the knowledge and confidence that has ultimately led me to pursue a university degree. As a token of my gratitude for Nova Scotia Works, I became a board member, driven by my passion for helping others find their ‘Part Two’ of life.”

Harold Bulger, Director

“A previous dedicated board member for the Avon Region Community Development Association, I remain passionate about developing our local job seekers and employers.”

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