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Client Services

If you are a person with a disability that is looking for work, working under 20 hours or at risk of losing their job, then we are here to help. Once contact is made with our office an appointment is made for you to see one of our employment counsellors. They will access your need, which includes identifying your barriers to employment, then they will guide you in creating a return to work action plan. 

This plan will contain steps (called interventions) needed to get you back to work, the plan may include but not limited to:

  • help with career decision making,
  • resume and cover letter writing, job searching, interview preparation,

  • essential skills workshops

  • accessing short term skills training  ( First Aid, WHMIS, OH&S, H2S alive),

  • applying for funding to return to school to earn you grade 12 and the pursue a 1 to 2 year college program, which can include private career colleges,

  • applying for funds to start your own small business,

  • applying for wage subsidies,

  • obtain a learning, ADHD/ADD or functional assessment,

  • one-on-one help with a job coach, job developer or employment maintenance worker.

     We are abilities focused; we ask the right questions to take any and all disabilities into consideration when guiding you through your path to a sustainable career. Our office is warm and welcoming, our staff understanding and supportive, our services are free; we try our best to work around the needs of the client, all you need is the motivation to want to work.

Who are our clients?

Any client who self-identifies as having a disability or a barrier - whether visible or invisible - that affects their ability to gain and maintain employment.


Cross Disability -defined and explained:

            A disability is defined as any functional limitation or restriction of an individual’s ability to perform an activity.  In the context of employment,  a disability is any condition that creates a barrier to employment.

Disabilities include:
Learning Disabilities
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum
Brain injury
Mental Health


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