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Community INC would like to assist employers to be more inclusive and equitable in both their hiring practices and workplace/culture.  Employers are overlooking the largest untapped labour pool, when persons with disabilities are not given an equal opportunity to employment. Often  employers see persons with disabilities for what they can’t do, not what skills they have, how much money/ time it will take, rather than ask the person what they needed, or that it will be a workers comp accident waiting to happen. They sometimes look at hiring a person with a disability as an added cost.

There are many myths that exist within the business world about hiring persons with disabilities, but Mark Wafer, a hearing impaired Tim Horton’s franchises owner has hired over 82 persons with disability and has the business case that can illustrate how hiring persons with disabilities can be good for business, as they make good employees, its just good for business! Check out this video to hear more.


Community INC can work with employers to fill vacancies, when we are given information about job descriptions and requirements, and we take note of the workplace culture and the environment we are determining what would they consider to be the perfect match. As an equitable employment agency, if we are listening to what the employer needs,  and then compare those to the wants of the clients we presently have on our caseload we can then see if the needs are matched. If there is a client we believe that is a good match for the employer and is interested in the vacant position we send their resume and cover letter to the employer that the client has prepared, discuss with the employer the strengths of the client, and talk about any wage incentives that maybe needed to hire this individual. If we don’t have anyone on our caseload that meets their needs we are honest with the employer and advocate for no one, and send the job lead to another agency.  We would rather advocate for no client if it is the wrong one, we want to work as hard as for the employer as we do for the client if given the chance.

Once hired if there are accommodations needed we can assist the employer to access what is needed, from the accessible door, to the cordless headset, to the speech to text software to the accessible desk, we are all different and in reality all need different things to be the best we can be. With today’s technology persons with disabilities have a greater advantage of being more inclusive and productive in their work day. Many accommodations costs are minimal, but it is the understanding needed by staff to see these accommodations for what they are, the tools they need to do their job, no different than eye glasses, the ability to control their own environment and to feel comfortable and confident in their job.

Community INC can also provide free of charge:

  • Safe Harbour training, or can lead a team/staff discussion on disability awareness, and sensitivity training.

  • They can provide on-site job coaches to assist those new employees needing more time and resources during training or if existing employees are promoted to a new position and are having difficulty learning the new tasks.

    If you want to connect with people that want to work, or have employees that maybe in need of assistance and are at risk at losing their jobs, please call us first!  

    Kentville – (902) 679-7469 or Middleton (902) 825-1255


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