Community Inc

What is Community Inclusion?

Community INC is a non-profit organization that provides employment assistance services to all persons, with an additional focus on accessibility, equity and inclusion - in recognition that we continue to live in a primarily ableist society so equitable access to employment and services continues to be a vision to work towards. Community INC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, of which 40% are persons with disabilities.  Community INC is part of the Collaborate Partnership Society, and is funded in part through the Canada-Nova Scotia Labour Market Development Agreement under the direction of Employment Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Employment Services Centres). We also receive funding through the Department of Community Services for programs such as the Edge and other job readiness and employability programs.

Our services are specialized and equitable to fit the needs of the client and employers.  We work with individuals to develop a plan of action; we provide employment counselling, pre-employment skills training, job development, coaching and assistance with employment maintenance.  The difference in our service is our approach – we ask the right questions, we assist in identifying and overcoming past barriers or maintenance issues, and we concentrate on an individual’s abilities while being aware of disabilities, experiences of racism, ableism, sexism and other forms of discrimination.

Our locations are accessible and welcoming.  A support person is always welcomed, especially during a first visit.  We encourage independence, assist in building confidence and instill hope.  Coming through our doors is an opportunity to gain the essential skills needed for you to build a career that will provide sustainability and fulfillment.

Community INC can also assist employers with their hiring.  We listen to what an employer requires in a potential employee, and then find a match from within our client base.  If needed, we assist employers in accessing wage subsidies and with accommodation/vocational support.  For example, if a client is in need of a little extra training a job coach is brought on site at no cost to the employer.  Employers who work with us have a more efficient and successful interviewing process, money with added subsidies and/or reduced training costs, and an employee who is engaged and wanting to work and live in the West Hants - Kings County areas.

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